White Eagle is a small non ferrous sand casting foundry in Hurstpierpoint near Brighton, West Sussex. Click here for a printable map.It casts a variety of aluminum and bronze alloys and one brass (High Tensile Brass HTB1) in to required shapes.

The patterns for this process are relatively cheap compared with other casting processes. However the castings are relatively expensive making it a suitable process where short runs are required and where rapid delivery is important.

The company has no products of its own and is a service industry providing customers with their required shape in the alloy of their choice.

The customers have traditionally been small OEM's who are making from ten to two or three hundred machines every year.

The company also supplies a group of customers who are primarily interested in the appearance of the casting as it is mainly required for aesthetic purposes. Examples of these include architects wanting to decorate buildings, streets and squares, interior decorators and landscape gardeners wanting features and people wanting to commemorate various events.

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